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About Rose Paris

We are handmade store that sells fashionable eye masks mainly for fashionable earplugs. Shop owners make handmade, original design fashionable earplugs and sell them.

About fashionable earplugs

Audrey Hepburn, who starred in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's," wore a boom. Even though it is earplugs, it's fashionable again overseas, but it's fashionable! It is the latest fashion item.

Rose Paris's products

We strive to ensure that the Roseparis products are original designs, comfortable to wear and durable. It's handmade, so I don't want to make it with all my heart, but I don't want it to be sold everywhere. And I think it must be something that is fashionable and comfortable to wear, and something that you will want to use again and again. In addition, we try to make durable works that are unique to handmade products.

We support people with hearing loss

"I want to make cute earplugs" Rose Paris started with such a trigger, but some customers have hearing loss in one ear or sudden hearing loss. I was often told that I was looking for cute earplugs. Every day, we are working on product improvements such as comfort and reduction of rattling noise so that it can be useful even a little.

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