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● What is weather pain earplugs?

Have you ever felt this kind of disorder?

・ Headache and dizziness occur when the weather such as rain falls.

・ Somehow dull at the turn of the season

・ I can't remove my ears, etc ...

These conditions may be due to "barometric pressure"!


"Weather pain earplugs" are earplugs that can prevent weather conditions by slowing down the pressure changes to the inner ear that feel pressure .


If you want to know more about weather pain earplugs, click here ↓


Weather pain earplugs x Rose Paris collaboration product

Fashionable weather pain here is amazing!

・ High-performance earplugs can be used fashionably

・ Since it is a silicon material, it does not easily hurt even if worn for a long time

・ The design allows you to hear a conversation even if you are wearing earplugs, so it can be used everyday in the office etc. ◎

・ Four types of fashionable designs to choose from


"Basic information"

Material Body: Silicon / Filter: Ceramic

Decorative part: Pom pom: Polyester / metal part: Zinc alloy

Earplug size Length: About 2.8 cm / Thickness: About 1.2 cm / Weight: About 2 g

Overall size length: 6 cm

【天気痛耳せん×Rose Paris コラボ商品】猫チャーム おしゃれ天気痛耳せん 片頭痛 低気圧 天気不調

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